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Different materials and type of Rolling Paper

Materials HEMP ( RAW / Pure Hemp ) -Made from fibers of hemp plant itself -Ecologically friendly; No pesticide & herbicide -Natural & Organic; No chemical & bleaching -Smooth/ Even & Slow burning -Tasteless; able to taste what you are smoking-Hemp cultivation is only permitted in some countries ; expensive to manufacture FLAX ( OCB ) -Made […]

Benefits of using a Grinder for your tobacco/ herbs

Benefits of a grinder: Taste / Smell / Looks: Grinding up the herb unlocks wonderful aromas that aren’t matched by your fingers or scissors.  Grinding creates a much larger surface area of virgin material that smells and tastes amazing.  The consistency even looks sexier than the randomly-sized lumps from breaking apart by hand. Potency/Efficiency: The herb is ground […]

Difference between Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers?

BLUNT WRAPS Taste / Flavor –  Smoke from the wrap contains nicotine and other flavors which would hinder the organic taste and flavors of your herb. Naturally produces more smoke than rolling papers due to the composition and thickness of the wrap. Burn Rate – Composition and thickness of the wrap provide a smooth, even and slow burn […]

How RAW became one of the best rolling paper brands today

RAW had been on top of the rolling papers industry with their unique innovations since its launch back in 2005. All of RAW ‘s rolling papers are manufactured in Alcoy, Spain the birthplace and capital of rolling paper production. Put any RAW rolling paper in front of you, and immediately you will notice its translucent […]

Components of a Bong

Anatomy of the Different Bong Parts The anatomy of a standard bong can be broken down into five basic parts: Bowl The bowl is the bulbous attachment where dried herb is loaded and combusted. It’s often removable, allowing it to function as pull- or slide-carburetor. Most bowls come in the main sizes: 9mm 14mm 19mm […]

Finding the best rolling papers and bongs in Bangkok

So you’ve been searching for Rolling Papers and Bongs in Bangkok? Finding the store with special products can be difficult in the sprawling city. Here is a super easy guide for finding your smoking needs in Bangkok. 1. Villa Supermarket, Sukhumvit 31 Certain Supermarket chains do sell some brands of rolling papers near the counter […]