How RAW became one of the best rolling paper brands today

RAW had been on top of the rolling papers industry with their unique innovations since its launch back in 2005. All of RAW ‘s rolling papers are manufactured in Alcoy, Spain the birthplace and capital of rolling paper production. Put any RAW rolling paper in front of you, and immediately you will notice its translucent light brown hue, unlike any other brand. RAW, as the name suggests, was one of the first to produce natural unrefined rolling papers using unbleached organic hemp fibers, free from chemical additives and chlorine giving the final product its natural light brown color. RAW ensures a perfectly smooth and even burn with its innovative RAW watermark and natural hemp gum.

Hold the paper in front of the light, and you notice its special criss-cross watermark that guides the flame in the criss-cross fashion, so that either way, it would always come back around and re-join itself. Natural hemp gum helps to regulate a smooth burn allowing it to transition itself to burn in the same line as the paper itself and does not contain any animal product to boost its image as a vegan-friendly product. Boosting a massive range of product from rolling papers to accessories, RAW caters for everyone from beginners to connoisseur who can’t get enough of their top quality papers and has garnered a cult-like following on social media and around the globe in the process of its success. With many rolling paper companies replicating RAW’s success in an all natural unrefined product, RAW has certainly established itself as one of them in the market. Thus, for a pure, natural smoking experience RAW is the way to go.


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