Difference between Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers?


  • Taste / Flavor –  Smoke from the wrap contains nicotine and other flavors which would hinder the organic taste and flavors of your herb. Naturally produces more smoke than rolling papers due to the composition and thickness of the wrap.
  • Burn Rate – Composition and thickness of the wrap provide a smooth, even and slow burn throughout the session. If rolled and packed tightly, the blunt would require only one time to light it up and would stay consistent in its slow-burning rate. Perfect for smoking in a social environment with a couple of people around.
  • As the wraps are made from tobacco leaves, smoking would provide an initial head rush and energetic physical buzz (similar to coffee), which precedes the effects of cannabis.
  • Blunt Wraps are versatile to hold a large amount of herb to be rolled into either a fatty or a straight cigarillo without the worry of tearing
  • Tobacco can be addictive, and together with the harmful additives and chemicals used during production, blunt wraps may prove to be damaging to personal health in the long run
  • Taste / Flavor –  Smoking papers retracts the natural taste and flavors from the herb itself.
  • Burn Rate – Rolling papers are commonly made out of hemp/ flax/ rice which provides a smooth, even and slow burning rate but a blunt wrap’s burn rate would prove to be superior due to its thickness and composition.
  • Rolling papers are prone to ‘runs’ or ‘canoe’-ing’ (i.e., burns lengthwise along one side) if they are not rolled and packed tightly as air pockets are present.
  • Rolling papers production is ecologically friendly and sustainable to the environment with companies offering products boasting 100% organic and pesticide free materials used.
  • Rolling papers are made from natural materials with no additives or chemicals used during production which proves to be the healthier choice to go.
  • They’re great for a quick smoke on the go, and are easy to pre-roll and take with you wherever you go
  • When you smoke papers, you can feel proud that you’re part of a tradition going back many thousands of year.

Choosing between papers and wraps for your smoking session is largely a matter of personal preference. Blunts wraps don’t get you higher it’s just your body reacting to the additional buzz of the nicotine in the tobacco leaf. Rolling papers definitely get you less high than a blunt but is the safest and healthiest choice of smoking. This comparison gives you the opportunity to try the different options of consumption and decide for yourself. 

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